Friday, June 27, 2008

Today was a normal day to give kids school whole day. I am trying to lose weight with dieting and also faithful exercise. But I am not that faitihful. Each day I have been trying to get into something more today type of move. By His help....
Kids had done well and I took sliming tea this morning and I have gotten very bad cramp so I went to sleep for a bit middle of day. Kids had fun time together. I started to teach school kids Japanese from last Friday. So today was the second time. Kids said "Konnichiwa" (means hello!) "Ohayogozaimasu" (Good morning!) also taught body parts. When I shake my bottom and say "Oshiri" and they copied and laughed like crazy. ha! Kids are kids and their pronounciation is so good compare with English speaking people they learn so fast and better pronounciation in Japanese. That is great! I will put few photos from the class next week.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have gotten cute CAT name MUMU about a month ago. She is part of our family now. Hana changes her toilet every morning and feed her 3 times a day. Both of our daugthers enjoy her so much.
Today our home's most of the men stayed back home and paint our walls. Our house is very nice and big we are only 11 members include our kids at this moment. We live in very nice residental area but sounding area do have poor families and children who cannot go to school before we came here. So the children we are helping to give them education and also some other practical help of food and all that are heaven sent fot them Praise God! Children have so much potential and they are very sweet even parents cannot speak English or even write or read at all, they are learing a lot more than their parents and eagar to learn. It's so inspiring to see their progress daily. We feel like they are part of our family.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great day! We had 7 visitors in the morning to come and see our school and vocational training center. The Lord showed Samuel early this year to go to School to School near our area. He met very sweet lady called Joice she has a little school just started and her daughter is a designer and son lives in U.K. She has been communicating with Samuel (Emile) for last 6 months and she was so happy about our work and wants to help to reach the society here. She was very satisfied with our work here and brought few friends with her today to visit us with them. School children did very nice greeting and we had good communications and they visited young ladies who are learning sewing which is one of our project here as well. The Lord is leading us to different people Praise the Lord

Monday, June 23, 2008

New year of this year we went to beautiful holiday beach only 1 and half hour drive from Accra. Already out of Great Accra region, we were in Volta Region fishing town called Ada and the beach place is called Manet Beach Paradise. It was very beautiful time.
Hana did great today!
She did great school today. Finally she learned to do fraction pretty well.
Praise the Lord. It took quite few weeks and I almost had gotten frustrated
She is very patient and learning different things. Naomi is doing pretty well for
her counting and understanding of the time tables how it works. I am not sure how
things are in their brain just we know the Lord is in control and He is teaching them through me. Praise the Lord

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hana's Math has been a lot of headach for me but now she is getting on truck and finally got it the point till then I was frustrated and I didn't know what to do with her even I prayed and asked the Lord and Albert Ainshtine to come and help and all that didn't work as much as I was expected.
Hi I hope this would work. This is kind of test version with Hana and I are working on. We love you all and try to work things together some how. After we moved to Ghana from Europe, it's been a lot of challenges and changes in our lives. It is great to see the Lord's hands on every step of our lives. Hana is a great girl to be my daughter. She has been a great blessing to people whom she has been meetin