Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today is usual University Witnessing day. Praise God! Actually so many students are now on vacation but still quite a few are still in campus. Today we had only 3 atendees for class but still pretty inspiring. Also we met sports team to go go Uganda from Ghana as representative as whole Ghana's university students to have African cup university version. We met few of them so we witness to them and asked them to attend our classes when they come back. Praise God

'Friends': The Film
by Mike Krumboltz
July 3, 2008 03:30:47 PM

Following in the high-heeled footsteps of "Sex and the City: The Movie" comes another film that's sure to make boyfriends around the world run for cover. Prepare thyself for "Friends: The Movie." Mwa ha ha!

That's right, kids. Rumor has it that there is renewed interest in bringing the six fabulously perky and quirky New Yorkers to the big screen. You can either thank or blame "Sex and the City" for this news. The success of that franchise's recent flick reportedly inspired the cast to bring their beloved sitcom back from the dead.

According to Current, Jennifer Aniston "is believed to have dragged her heels" on the project, but has since changed her mind. Filming should start within the next 18 months. Or will it? Another blog reports that Warner Bros. denied the "Friends" movie rumor, "and there's no confirmation from anyone around town that anything is even being considered."

So, is there hope for all the haters who thought they'd seen the last of Ross, Rachel, and that stupid monkey? Maybe, but remember: When it comes to rumors, they're often denied, but usually true. Sorry.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Friday! So this week has been so much different compare with last week. Since tuesday was national holiday and we had great prayerday and today kids are having fun at this moment with daddy outside. I am all right and enjoying my life each day. praise the Lord. So many other things are happening in our lives each day just the matter of the fact. Offensive is very powerful so we know the wave we have to get on and fight for the truth to be spread. Naomi lost her first milk tooth and she is excite

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everyday counts! Enjoy our lives with the Lord is the answer for our victorious happier lives. Even it is not easy life to take to serve Him daily there are so much to be thankful for everything we do, because He is so good to us. Praise His name! Sometimes in my heart how could He be so great to nobody like me? Then I just realized and remembered we all are made of His image so even we are made from dust still we all are His image. Isn't it so incredable? Anotherwords we cannot complain about how we are because we are His image. So we should do whatever He is asking us to do with all the might and love and soul and energy then our victory is coming any minutes. Praise GOD for His mercy and Love. Nothing is impossible through Jesus Christ! He is so cool!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WOW already July! 9 more days to Hana's birthday! She is not ready she says but time is ticking and we know she will be 9 anyways, Praise the Lord. Today we went to beach for morning prayer time and the Lord was so good to us. We had wonderful quiet and not too hot weather there to have good solid one hour prayer time together and good P&P and refleshed our body and soul for coming week and month and whole year ahead. The plan and map out was written now,,,, ONLY how to work, right? Keep praying for us.Thank you!