Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wonderful time together!

This month just the day Roar is going to launch out, one of our faithful monthly pledges and Activated subscriber called on Samuel and invited us for lunch at 4 stars hotel in Town
We didn’t know what was expected, then we prayed and asked the Lord what we should to prepare kids, the Lord showed us to practice like the Life with Grandpa’s so we dressed up and practiced with kids how to greet and so on
 The day came and we again prayed and claim the keys of miracles and all that, call on Sand-marl-mar, Activation Angel of witnessing, White angels as many helpers as possible! The Lord did another line of miracle on the day! WE had nice waiting time, I mean you know African time ha! Our appointment was 12:00 and we arrived there a bit earlier then kids were playing at Hotel’s park and time was a bit closer the Lord gave us a check to be back to the lobby, Samuel was talking with Japanese Stwardess from Emirates Airline, and we witnessed her just before she was leaving to the flight to Abijan, and she said she is coming back tonight to Accra and stay for 2 more days, and we asked what is the plan she said she wants to see the local people’s lives so we invited her to come and visit our school next day the night she phoned up the night and asked is it still all right? Also she wanted bring few more co-flight attendances, next morning they came on time with gifts for children and had great time together playing and greeting and helping for serving lunch for children and so on! Then we asked what is your plan for the night? They said no-plan again! We suggested if we can have dinner together at town, they were so happy and we went together! Kids witnessed to the Japanese lady (Junko) she prayed and received Jesus in her heart with Hana at restaurant and two others are both saved Christians and they both subscribed Activated right on the spot from Children! It was such an encouraging time!
The Lunch was went very well as well, they were very happy to have us around and her family and friends came along to have lunch together and children got new friends!
They started to communicate by telephone and one Saturday afternoon the family which we first met at Lunch meeting came and visit us at home!
Offensive and Roar’s wave and wind is blowing and taking place in our lives here in Ghana! Praise the Lord!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Beach  Fellowship!

It was longing prayers answered event!
Our team here in Accra with The Family International has two branches
One in Spintex called Family Outreach Ghana that is where I am belonging at this moment
and the other one is in Haatso about 10 Km away even closer each other but due to the traffic
it takes sometimes over a hour and half to reach there by public transportation
It's been long time to get together and go somewhere else rather visiting the centers each other
The Lord is so wonderfully provided funds through our friend who is the First Lady of the big church here in Ghana called 'Lighthouse Chapel  International' I have been fellowshiping and collaborating with them time to time such as go to their conferance for ministers' wives to share the Word and so on! It's been great! We asked her only 3 days ahead of time she agreed right away and she paid the rent a van cost for the other team it wasn't small amount close to 200 us dollars!
God Bless her and team's prayers! TTL!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

wow it was great!

Hana and her friends from the other home had a great performance at National Theater today
It was very good! I didn't bring my camera but I took few photos with somebody's so eventually I will put up the photos of the show!
National theater is a big place not so many audiences but not too small either about 300 people were there! Kids did well and other people who performed was from Ghana's different institutions!
Please pray the Lord will keep openning this door and they can perform again in Christmas time

Friday, September 19, 2008

What a wonderful day!

Yesterday as I mentioned today we went to a nice beach with our bible students
They enjoyed few games and itte bit of the time together to the fu
Whole home went to the beach together and the lord provided nice lunch, airline food and fresh pineapple juice etc!
Everything was total miracles, first of all, the weather, we thought it might rain so we prayed hard for a week even that enemy fought us from the morning, early morning it was a bit of drizzling so we prayed again and over when we left our house it was slight rain and we met students at shopping mall it was raining still so we prayed then at the beach sun came pretty high and temperature went up in the same time, Praise the lord!
People enjoyed, football and cricket, swimming and so on, we are going to have this recreation every month by His grace!
Praise the lord!

Tomorrow we are going to beach!

Hi Tomorrow we are going to have an excursion with our regular bible study students to beach
The lord provided nice fresh juice and packed lunch for this event
Just pray the weather would cleared up and we will have wonderful time together
I will put the photos as soon as I chose all, Pease pray for us

Love you
Ruth and team

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My kids!

wow! Hana and Naomi both need to wear glasses now
They look pretty cute with them and they are happy at least
they can see better
Us parents didn't need pair of glasses so early and now
I have gotten healed from my nearsided problem by HIS miracle working power
Praise the Lord!

ENJOY our life with kids!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sorry for being late to share these beautiful photos. Actually we are so glad the Lord answered our prayers for the weather on the particular day of Sports day and Graduation on 25th of August. Finally we have gotten nice photos from friend who are a new volunteer teacher who is from here but studying in Canada and she is staying a little bit of time and she is going back to Canada end of this month. Please enjoy all those nice photos....

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Friend, 2008 July 28th (Monday)

May God bless and keep you! We love you and keep you in our daily prayers and thoughts. There are so much to pray about and think about these days here in Ghana.

Since we will have election end of this year and world is getting more and more suspecious towards anything around us. As you prayed for our water situation we have gotten running water from last week Thursday and it is such a blessing to have it.

Praise the Lord. In away we took advantage of those blessings and we always think it is normal to have running water and electorcity power supply but who knows wherever we are living when all those things would be cutted off or war might start any minutes any where in the world. So now we know the Lord's protestion and supply are all blessing and we have to praise HIm more and more each little things, that make our lives more successful and also fruitful and fulfilling. Praise the Lord! Thank God and Thank others are very great asset for our lives to be blessed and fulflled with other things. Blessings are not only materials but peace of mind and happiness and joy in our lives, right? So let's praise Him and praise others more.

I attached cute Power Point show. I pray you enjoy it.
This is My e-mail devotional article. I write this maybe once a week at this moment. If you would like to subscrimb this please write to me

Please see some Power Point shows from Tommys http://www.tommyswindow.com

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi! How are you doing each day? I am fine and our family is doing great.
Praise God! Tomorrow we are going to have great day. Sports day
and graduation for our little school Activate School which is
for children from poor family surrounding our area.
So it's been a great preparation days we have gotten a new volunteer
to be a teacher for short time from local but she normally lives in Canada
She is taking photos so soon I will update with photos. my camera is not doing so
well. Sorry for that.Please keep in touch and check our website:
Thank you so much and love you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hi. I am sorry I didn't updating so often or good photos and so on.
We love to share with you what is happening here in Ghana.
You know our work here is mainly helping poor children's education
young ladies' who are poor and not have much opportunities to have training
we do give them sewing classes and regular bible classes and so on.
They are growing and progressing a lot. Praise God
Also we do bible classes every Saturday at University as I have been sharing this
to you all. This coming Friday we are going to have graduation Sports Day
Please pray the Lord will anoint and make it great time

love you all

Friday, July 18, 2008

I just wanted to put more photos of past. Since there are so many nice photos of our kids. Hana and Naomi are growing daily. These days I am sorry I am not taking too many photos..

How do you think about the life? Are you happy and inspired? There is a lot to overcome daily I am learning to be more loving and humble this last week our devotion was about these lines. It was very helpful and convicting. It is not easy to be truely loving unless we are truly humble. Humility and love is unseprable etc.... We know the principles since we serve the Lord and He has been teaching us so many things just day to day application of the Truth is required to us. Praise the Lord.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We are planning to have Sports day on 25th of July so 11 days more to come. School kids are practicing for the day and preparing for their graduation. This week from Thursday they are going to have exam. We still need 7 more sponcers for our kids here for next step of education. one child needs 250 US$ a year then they can go to Elementaly school and they can go further education after that if you contineously support these children. Please think and contact us you can check our website: www.fogafrica.org It is in our link as well. Please check it out and let us know.
Our bank account here in Ghana also there are few option in Germany and Japan and U.S
Please write us e-mail RuthJapanese@gmail.com We love you and looking forward to hear from you.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wow. Tomorrow is Hana's Birthday. She is going to be 9. Time flies so fast. It's unbelievable. but I can say she is getting mature and taking responsiblities on her life as a missionary's daughter who would be a missionary in her future life. She loves to take care of people and ask them to come to Bible Classes and also attending discipleship training classes with University students weekly and ask questions and even give something cotributing in the class such as singing few songs and share few verses or chapters from the Bible which she memorized. I am so proud of her and give her a lot of approuse. Praise the Lord.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today is usual University Witnessing day. Praise God! Actually so many students are now on vacation but still quite a few are still in campus. Today we had only 3 atendees for class but still pretty inspiring. Also we met sports team to go go Uganda from Ghana as representative as whole Ghana's university students to have African cup university version. We met few of them so we witness to them and asked them to attend our classes when they come back. Praise God

'Friends': The Film
by Mike Krumboltz
July 3, 2008 03:30:47 PM

Following in the high-heeled footsteps of "Sex and the City: The Movie" comes another film that's sure to make boyfriends around the world run for cover. Prepare thyself for "Friends: The Movie." Mwa ha ha!

That's right, kids. Rumor has it that there is renewed interest in bringing the six fabulously perky and quirky New Yorkers to the big screen. You can either thank or blame "Sex and the City" for this news. The success of that franchise's recent flick reportedly inspired the cast to bring their beloved sitcom back from the dead.

According to Current, Jennifer Aniston "is believed to have dragged her heels" on the project, but has since changed her mind. Filming should start within the next 18 months. Or will it? Another blog reports that Warner Bros. denied the "Friends" movie rumor, "and there's no confirmation from anyone around town that anything is even being considered."

So, is there hope for all the haters who thought they'd seen the last of Ross, Rachel, and that stupid monkey? Maybe, but remember: When it comes to rumors, they're often denied, but usually true. Sorry.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Friday! So this week has been so much different compare with last week. Since tuesday was national holiday and we had great prayerday and today kids are having fun at this moment with daddy outside. I am all right and enjoying my life each day. praise the Lord. So many other things are happening in our lives each day just the matter of the fact. Offensive is very powerful so we know the wave we have to get on and fight for the truth to be spread. Naomi lost her first milk tooth and she is excite

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Everyday counts! Enjoy our lives with the Lord is the answer for our victorious happier lives. Even it is not easy life to take to serve Him daily there are so much to be thankful for everything we do, because He is so good to us. Praise His name! Sometimes in my heart how could He be so great to nobody like me? Then I just realized and remembered we all are made of His image so even we are made from dust still we all are His image. Isn't it so incredable? Anotherwords we cannot complain about how we are because we are His image. So we should do whatever He is asking us to do with all the might and love and soul and energy then our victory is coming any minutes. Praise GOD for His mercy and Love. Nothing is impossible through Jesus Christ! He is so cool!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WOW already July! 9 more days to Hana's birthday! She is not ready she says but time is ticking and we know she will be 9 anyways, Praise the Lord. Today we went to beach for morning prayer time and the Lord was so good to us. We had wonderful quiet and not too hot weather there to have good solid one hour prayer time together and good P&P and refleshed our body and soul for coming week and month and whole year ahead. The plan and map out was written now,,,, ONLY how to work, right? Keep praying for us.Thank you!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Today was a normal day to give kids school whole day. I am trying to lose weight with dieting and also faithful exercise. But I am not that faitihful. Each day I have been trying to get into something more today type of move. By His help....
Kids had done well and I took sliming tea this morning and I have gotten very bad cramp so I went to sleep for a bit middle of day. Kids had fun time together. I started to teach school kids Japanese from last Friday. So today was the second time. Kids said "Konnichiwa" (means hello!) "Ohayogozaimasu" (Good morning!) also taught body parts. When I shake my bottom and say "Oshiri" and they copied and laughed like crazy. ha! Kids are kids and their pronounciation is so good compare with English speaking people they learn so fast and better pronounciation in Japanese. That is great! I will put few photos from the class next week.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We have gotten cute CAT name MUMU about a month ago. She is part of our family now. Hana changes her toilet every morning and feed her 3 times a day. Both of our daugthers enjoy her so much.
Today our home's most of the men stayed back home and paint our walls. Our house is very nice and big we are only 11 members include our kids at this moment. We live in very nice residental area but sounding area do have poor families and children who cannot go to school before we came here. So the children we are helping to give them education and also some other practical help of food and all that are heaven sent fot them Praise God! Children have so much potential and they are very sweet even parents cannot speak English or even write or read at all, they are learing a lot more than their parents and eagar to learn. It's so inspiring to see their progress daily. We feel like they are part of our family.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great day! We had 7 visitors in the morning to come and see our school and vocational training center. The Lord showed Samuel early this year to go to School to School near our area. He met very sweet lady called Joice she has a little school just started and her daughter is a designer and son lives in U.K. She has been communicating with Samuel (Emile) for last 6 months and she was so happy about our work and wants to help to reach the society here. She was very satisfied with our work here and brought few friends with her today to visit us with them. School children did very nice greeting and we had good communications and they visited young ladies who are learning sewing which is one of our project here as well. The Lord is leading us to different people Praise the Lord

Monday, June 23, 2008

New year of this year we went to beautiful holiday beach only 1 and half hour drive from Accra. Already out of Great Accra region, we were in Volta Region fishing town called Ada and the beach place is called Manet Beach Paradise. It was very beautiful time.
Hana did great today!
She did great school today. Finally she learned to do fraction pretty well.
Praise the Lord. It took quite few weeks and I almost had gotten frustrated
She is very patient and learning different things. Naomi is doing pretty well for
her counting and understanding of the time tables how it works. I am not sure how
things are in their brain just we know the Lord is in control and He is teaching them through me. Praise the Lord

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hana's Math has been a lot of headach for me but now she is getting on truck and finally got it the point till then I was frustrated and I didn't know what to do with her even I prayed and asked the Lord and Albert Ainshtine to come and help and all that didn't work as much as I was expected.
Hi I hope this would work. This is kind of test version with Hana and I are working on. We love you all and try to work things together some how. After we moved to Ghana from Europe, it's been a lot of challenges and changes in our lives. It is great to see the Lord's hands on every step of our lives. Hana is a great girl to be my daughter. She has been a great blessing to people whom she has been meetin