Monday, October 27, 2008

Beach  Fellowship!

It was longing prayers answered event!
Our team here in Accra with The Family International has two branches
One in Spintex called Family Outreach Ghana that is where I am belonging at this moment
and the other one is in Haatso about 10 Km away even closer each other but due to the traffic
it takes sometimes over a hour and half to reach there by public transportation
It's been long time to get together and go somewhere else rather visiting the centers each other
The Lord is so wonderfully provided funds through our friend who is the First Lady of the big church here in Ghana called 'Lighthouse Chapel  International' I have been fellowshiping and collaborating with them time to time such as go to their conferance for ministers' wives to share the Word and so on! It's been great! We asked her only 3 days ahead of time she agreed right away and she paid the rent a van cost for the other team it wasn't small amount close to 200 us dollars!
God Bless her and team's prayers! TTL!

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