Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wonderful time together!

This month just the day Roar is going to launch out, one of our faithful monthly pledges and Activated subscriber called on Samuel and invited us for lunch at 4 stars hotel in Town
We didn’t know what was expected, then we prayed and asked the Lord what we should to prepare kids, the Lord showed us to practice like the Life with Grandpa’s so we dressed up and practiced with kids how to greet and so on
 The day came and we again prayed and claim the keys of miracles and all that, call on Sand-marl-mar, Activation Angel of witnessing, White angels as many helpers as possible! The Lord did another line of miracle on the day! WE had nice waiting time, I mean you know African time ha! Our appointment was 12:00 and we arrived there a bit earlier then kids were playing at Hotel’s park and time was a bit closer the Lord gave us a check to be back to the lobby, Samuel was talking with Japanese Stwardess from Emirates Airline, and we witnessed her just before she was leaving to the flight to Abijan, and she said she is coming back tonight to Accra and stay for 2 more days, and we asked what is the plan she said she wants to see the local people’s lives so we invited her to come and visit our school next day the night she phoned up the night and asked is it still all right? Also she wanted bring few more co-flight attendances, next morning they came on time with gifts for children and had great time together playing and greeting and helping for serving lunch for children and so on! Then we asked what is your plan for the night? They said no-plan again! We suggested if we can have dinner together at town, they were so happy and we went together! Kids witnessed to the Japanese lady (Junko) she prayed and received Jesus in her heart with Hana at restaurant and two others are both saved Christians and they both subscribed Activated right on the spot from Children! It was such an encouraging time!
The Lunch was went very well as well, they were very happy to have us around and her family and friends came along to have lunch together and children got new friends!
They started to communicate by telephone and one Saturday afternoon the family which we first met at Lunch meeting came and visit us at home!
Offensive and Roar’s wave and wind is blowing and taking place in our lives here in Ghana! Praise the Lord!