Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi! How are you doing each day? I am fine and our family is doing great.
Praise God! Tomorrow we are going to have great day. Sports day
and graduation for our little school Activate School which is
for children from poor family surrounding our area.
So it's been a great preparation days we have gotten a new volunteer
to be a teacher for short time from local but she normally lives in Canada
She is taking photos so soon I will update with photos. my camera is not doing so
well. Sorry for that.Please keep in touch and check our website:
Thank you so much and love you.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hi. I am sorry I didn't updating so often or good photos and so on.
We love to share with you what is happening here in Ghana.
You know our work here is mainly helping poor children's education
young ladies' who are poor and not have much opportunities to have training
we do give them sewing classes and regular bible classes and so on.
They are growing and progressing a lot. Praise God
Also we do bible classes every Saturday at University as I have been sharing this
to you all. This coming Friday we are going to have graduation Sports Day
Please pray the Lord will anoint and make it great time

love you all