Monday, July 28, 2008

Dear Friend, 2008 July 28th (Monday)

May God bless and keep you! We love you and keep you in our daily prayers and thoughts. There are so much to pray about and think about these days here in Ghana.

Since we will have election end of this year and world is getting more and more suspecious towards anything around us. As you prayed for our water situation we have gotten running water from last week Thursday and it is such a blessing to have it.

Praise the Lord. In away we took advantage of those blessings and we always think it is normal to have running water and electorcity power supply but who knows wherever we are living when all those things would be cutted off or war might start any minutes any where in the world. So now we know the Lord's protestion and supply are all blessing and we have to praise HIm more and more each little things, that make our lives more successful and also fruitful and fulfilling. Praise the Lord! Thank God and Thank others are very great asset for our lives to be blessed and fulflled with other things. Blessings are not only materials but peace of mind and happiness and joy in our lives, right? So let's praise Him and praise others more.

I attached cute Power Point show. I pray you enjoy it.
This is My e-mail devotional article. I write this maybe once a week at this moment. If you would like to subscrimb this please write to me

Please see some Power Point shows from Tommys

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